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It is so good to feel back to normal after so long and it was nice seeing Mia and Zac for a couple of hours this afternoon, Nanny is back.

This candle smells so lovely, definitely my favourite at the moment.  They are expensive the Baylis and Harding things but really worth it, their diffuser’s are the best.

It is also good to have my web-site and blog all sorted and up to date and seeing my stats go back up with all my readers back, I have missed you all.

It is very cold here at the moment and they keep saying we are getting snow but not had any yet, thank goodness.  I am all warm indoors though and getting sorted to watch the Blacklist tonight, I really love that program.  I have a new sky box and cables so it’s like watching an even newer TV as the picture is so clear and crisp.

Half term here now, not many plans except a day out with Izzy which should be nice as we always have fun.

Have a great weekend everyone x 


Halfway through january and how are we all doing with the resolutions we made 18 days ago?  Is it really only 18 days as it feels like forever, I bet it feels even longer if your waiting until the end of the month for payday.

Diets……What a stupid time of the year to decide to go on a diet, its cold, miserable and all you want to do is eat nice homely meals with gorgeous desserts then sit on the sofa and eat popcorn and chocolates while watching a film.  I think it is best if we hold of on these diets and start in Spring when the weather is nice to go outside for a bit of exercise or do the gardening, also all you want to eat are salads which taste even better if grown by your own hands.

Dry January…..I think we can stick with this one as who wants to get ready and go out in the cold just to meet friends for a drink.

Saving money…..Very easy to do these first few months as you got everything you wanted for Christmas or in the sales, anyway your waiting for the summer clothes to spend your money on later in the year.

Positive thinking…..I have done well with this one as I just have to think of my family and friends and that is all the positivity I need.

How are you doing and have you stuck with yours?




The school holiday seems to be very short this year as they only broke up a couple of days before christmas eve and now they are back today.  I always enjoyed the holidays when my children were little and I enjoy them even more now I am a Nan.  It is always sad when they start school as I see them so much before then, it always comes as a shock.  Then when they leave primary school and go to secondary school the changes really begin.  So I will look forward to the next holiday at the end of February.

Life is precious, live each day as your last, be happy and do what you want to do; I have read a lot of these types of sentiments over the last few days.  Does the new year give you the push to make the changes in your world or is it just circumstances that all come together at the right time?  I think as there were so many deaths of people in the news last year it does make us all think of our immortality.  We all assume we will live to a ripe old age but with many old people’s homes closing where are we all going to go?  Many of our children will not have the room or even maybe their own home as it is getting harder and harder to get onto the property ladder so then renting a bigger house is not financially viable.  So maybe living until you are 100 is not such a good idea, lets just follow our dreams and be happy. xx



21st DECEMBER 2016

The shortest day of the year, I always think it is a time to look forward; Christmas is a few days away so most of the preparations and planning have been completed so now is the time to enjoy in what ever way makes you happy.  A little bit of me time even if it is just closing the door and spending a minute or two more under the water in the shower or starting to read the book that you have been promising yourself for the last hectic few weeks.  I love to think about the days getting longer with Spring and Summer to look forward to and planning the plants that I really want to see in the garden.  The children have finished school so there is no early morning rush, the weather is very mild here in Kent so a walk in the sunshine is still a great option.  Maybe think about those New Year resolutions, are we really going to make the same ones again?  Christmas songs playing in the background no matter what you are doing so you just have to sing along.  So it may be the shortest day but dreams are long and last forever.

Happy Solstice x



No matter how organised you are it just never seems to be enough but a glass of the above and some peace for a while and hopefully it will all become clear, well that’s the plan.  I made the mistake of not writing a list of the things I have wrapped so now some may have two of the same sort of things but hey it’s Christmas, there not going to moan about presents, hopefully.

School nativity went well and this year I have attended two, I worked out that I have been going to Nativity plays for 15 years at the same school.  No photos are allowed anymore but here is one of Zac, it was his first and he was just a sleeping baby, he will be 3 on Friday.


I am collecting children from school on Friday and having a little tea party for them and the birthday boy Zac which will be nice to see him playing with his new stuff with his cousins.

Monday I took Kara shopping for birthday presents, bad mistake as I spent twice as much but she was happy and that’s what it is all about, happy children.

Two breaks for coffee and of course we had to go into Kasper’s for some cookie dough, I love that place.

Looking forward to the weekend as out with my two daughters and my bestie and her two daughters, watch out Folkestone lol.

Bargain little pink sparkly miniature rose from Poundland that will then go in the garden in spring.  Finished the wreath for the door, pleased with the result but might need some more lights.

Got house window stickers on front and this on bedroom window, fits in well with my french theme.  Will finish with this stunning River Island handbag that is on my Christmas list.  Have a wonderful weekend peeps.



20130513-085200 PM.jpg

Another day, another week, why is it the older you get the faster the time seems to go? I heard my granddaughter talking about her Christmas list, we are not even half way through the year yet. Mind you the weather still feels like its winter here, rain and gales predicted for the rest of the week. I had a lovely letter this morning from Izzy so I will have to reply to that this week, she wrote it with her new fountain pen that I got for her. Made me remember school as we had to use fountain pens in secondary school, I do not think they do that these days which is a shame but I guess a lot is completed on computers now.

I saw a post on my FaceBook this morning about a writing course holiday in Wales, it looks very interesting. You can do two courses and then lectures in the evening with a site seeing afternoon. All your food is included, I think I will enquire about it and see if there are places left. Hopefully by the end of July the weather will be better for seeing the sites of Wales.

20130513-090853 PM.jpg

I have had some ideas for some short stories today so I need to get them written down before I go to sleep or they will be lost in the recesses of my brain. Xx


20130510-115218 PM.jpg

When I started work the children were at school so I became a classroom assistant at the Infants school, working there until the girls had left school and then went on to work in a collage. I found that very rewarding so went and did my teaching qualifications and became a lecturer, which turned out to be in workplace development. I travelled all over the South East with the laptops training employees in basic skills and computer qualifications, very long hours, lots of travelling and then marking and preparing work for next day. I enjoyed it at the time and met a lot of people, some became friends and still are today.

My daughter had a very demanding job at Gatwick airport in security, very un-social hours but she enjoyed it. Her daughter was at school and she was home everyday to pick her up so it worked well for them at the time.

The eldest daughter got married and had four children, she has loved being able to stay at home, supporting the children in all their hobbies, clubs and being able to go to all the school events.

It has ALL CHANGED my daughter left her job at Gatwick airport, packed up everything and flew out to Australia to see her father for six months. When she returned she stayed with me for a while until she got sorted, I did miss them both so much and was pleased to see them. Then jade had a little sister called Mia, she is over a year old now and a lovely baby.

Both daughters went back to collage together last September and did the Classroom Assistant qualification, which they both enjoyed, helping out at the children’s school for their training. They have both completed the course and did well. The school then advertised for a classroom assistant to start in September, Jodie applied, had the interview and was told that day that she had the job. So, after almost sixteen years of raising her children she is now going back to work in the same job that I started out doing and she couldn’t be happier. Congratulations Jodie. My other daughter has just found out she is pregnant and is very pleased, the age gap between Mia and the baby will only be 19 months so it is going to be hard work. Congratulations Billie.

20130511-122851 AM.jpg

As for me, I have the time to do my writing and hopefully get my book published when I finish it. I am on-call for when any of the children are poorly after September so I will be Nurse Nanny! Lol. Then at the end of November when the baby is due I will be on hand to help them as my daughter will be out of action for a while because she has to have a Caesarian.

We all live within walking distance of each other and the older children often drop in to see me on their way home from school. Times might change, jobs might change but we will always be family xx

20130511-124747 AM.jpg