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What a heart wrenching story but I am still glad that I read it as it really brings it home how some women suffer from post natal depression, I would not wish it upon anyone.  A truly magical love story that falls apart so tragically and so easily because people did not realise, thank god it is picked up much better now.  I love Amanda’s books as they are so true to life, I just hope she has not gone through all the trauma she writes about.

Wonderful characters that bring this to life and make it all so good to read.


How exciting to be part of this book tour of one of my favourite authors @amandaprowse


Amanda Prowse is a very talented writer who keeps churning out these best sellers but I have to say this story is her best so far, it has a bit of everything in it and will touch you all at some point.

Like most conditions you only really know the basics about them until it involves you or your loved ones, I hope and pray anorexia never touches you as this book brings it all home as to how devastating this condition is and not just the person suffering from it but their family and loved ones as well.

Beautifully written with such sincerity and affection, Amanda has delved into the core of this family to expose so much hurt and anger that it will leave you shaken.  Tears were shred when reading this but it is a page turner that I could not put down at all as I needed to know what was coming next.

This deserves not only 5 stars but a best seller title.  I also think Amanda should come to Folkestone for a book signing, don’t you?





I just love getting into the spirit of christmas with reading a good story, the start of festive events for me.  Is it too early as not even in December yet?

I think everything is happening so much earlier this year for some reason, do you?  I have even bought just about all the Christmas presents and a friend has not only bought all hers but she has wrapped all of them!  I am not that organised or it might be that I really do not like all the wrapping, every year I say I will take my time and do them all lovely with bows and ribbons but that has never happened yet! lol

My daughter is putting her tree up this weekend but that is mainly because she works and we have three birthdays to celebrate during the twelve days before Christmas.  A very busy time for all of us.

Have a great weekend everyone, I am doing workshops at the Quarterhouse both days so really looking forward to those.  Travel writing and Memoir writing so I am sure to learn a lot, will let you all know tomorrow how they both went.





I have just read the review copy of The Food of Love by Amanda Prowse and I will let you into a little secret……..It is absolutly amazing!


Full review coming when published, watch this space.



What a wonderful story, well written with so much warmth and love in it, made me feel like I so wanted to fall in love and have all these lovely feelings running through me.  In some ways this story gives you hope as Pru is in her  sixty’s when love knocked on her door.  It is not all plain sailing though and some things from her past come back to haunt her, trying to destroy her happiness.  From splendid cakes, outings to beautiful seaside haunts, sisters and new babies and much more makes this story have it all.

I love the way Amanda writes, taking such normal lives and making great stories out of them.  Once you start this you will not want to put it down, a fantastic story that I would recommend and it goes in my top ten books.






I have the honour of reading The Food Of Love, a new book from my favourite author Amanda Prowse, I will be reviewing and posting about how fantastic it is…..I am very confident it will be as she has never written a book that I do not like.  A very talented author who writes so fast I can hardly keep up with her.  Thank you very much Amanda xx



You can get all Amanda’s books here:





I have got to say that this is one of the best books I have read for a while as nothing was predictable in the story at all and I love that.  So even though it could be about your neighbours as it is a regular family living through a break-up nothing is set in stone and anything could happen.  Most you would not think about so there are surprises along the way.  Even the ending towards the end you are still not sure as it could go anyway.

Once again Amanda Prowse has excelled herself in writing a fantastic story that will be another best seller for her.  I am excited already for her next book, her writing just appears to flow through so easily and gets you gripped from the very beginning so you just cannot put it down.

A 5 star best seller that you simply must read.