I had the unfortunate experience of our local hospital last week as my daughter fell of a horse, suffering concussion and a broken rib.

As she had been taken to the first walk-in centre where she was terribly confused they then called an ambulance to take her to the big hospital in Ashford.  I followed in my car and waited at the ambulance area for her.  My first reaction was shock as there appeared to be a queue involving people on beds, in wheelchairs and standing, this was before you even got into the A & E  department.  As Billie was unconscious for 5 to 10 minutes and things could be masked by the time-lapse it was immediately decided that she went straight into the trauma unit.  This is the third time I have gone through this department with Billie and I have told her it is making me grey and old.

The doctor was wonderful and she was soon rigged up to all the machines, her heart was beating extremely fast.  I was concerned more about her head as 11 years ago she was in a terrible accident resulting in a coma and brain damage, they explained it by broken roads in her brain and the brain then makes new roads round the damage.  Billie does suffer from headaches and I take her for 32 injections in her head every 3 months, these help with the pain most months.

The doctor did a scan of all her organs to make sure there was no damage to them, full blood works also putting in a canola and hooking a drip up to keep her fluids up and gave her some painkiller through it, then we were waiting for a CT scan of her whole body.  In the end the doctor pushed her trolley round to the CT department and did the CT himself as he wanted to monitor her while it was being done.  I was impressed by this, what a wonderful man.

We were then taken to the A & E department as had to wait for a consultant to look at CT.  This was when I was appalled at the amount of people laying in their beds.  They have halved every cubicle to make more room, so there is only enough room for the bed and a doctor to walk up the side, relatives sit at the end of the bed if there is a chair available.  Beds filled half the walkway and the doctors area, it was chaotic but I must say that all the staff were absolutely amazing as it must be so hard-working in these conditions.

I would estimate that over half of the injured patients were old people who had already been seen but were waiting for a bed in a ward to be available.  I see the problem as being that we are all living much longer now so more people get poorly and need hospital treatment so we need more wards or maybe some new hospitals for the over 60’s.  A simple solution but a huge problem as the NHS is struggling with lack of money which then makes there a lack of staff so definitely no money for new hospitals.  I dread to think what will happen as there is no easy fix for the NHS I just hope and pray I do not get ill and have to go to hospital, I told Billie to never leave me in A&E on my own.

After about an hour our doctor, I must add that it was wonderful to just have one experienced doctor to deal with, came over and spoke to us, telling us that there was indeed a broken rib, so to take it easy, painkillers to keep on top of the pain and to cough deep to clear her lungs.  There was nothing sinister showing up in her head so it was concussion and by then she had a really bad headache.  So another experience of Billie getting injured relatively over and I took her home.  It is very hard for Billie to take it easy as not only has she got 3 horses, 3 children but she also works at the yard for other people.  5 days after this Billie had a very confused period that again worried us all as her memory was failing about recent events but luckily after  a long nights sleep she appeared to be ok, thank goodness.

I think she should wear her hat even just walking in yard and cleaning stables as I am not sure how much her more her poor head can take.  Why couldn’t she just like dogs or cats?




Liam Neilson – Walking along the Embankment we could see a small group of people doing some filming so we stopped to have a look and who should we see but Liam Neilson so that was a treat, they must get so bored with all the standing about waiting as they seemed to take ages to film just a small part.

The famous cock, I just had to take a picture of this pub in London, what a name and I wonder why the cock was famous? lol

The Millennium bridge.


My day out with Izzy just had to include a frozen yoghurt place, we decided to try a different one and it has shown us how good the first place is. None of this was self-service so there was not a lot of toppings and not very much choice either. Actually the ‘frozen yoghurt’ tasted more like ice cream and not yoghurt at all. Next time we will go back to the one in Camden as that is the best.

Dinner that evening was steak and chips as that is Izzy’s favourite, I never really like having steak out as you can never guarantee it will be tender. This one was a bit chewy but Izzy liked it and ate most of mine as well. The chips were lovely so not all bad.

A good day out and now half term is just about over with them all back to school on Monday, next holiday will be easter but I have a couple of birthdays before then so I better get saving.



I just had to go here again, the cookie dough is the best I have ever tasted.  There should be more of these places about.

So much choice that it really is hard to choose so it is best to go hungry as they are very filling.

That was my treat for the week and was nice to spend time with eldest daughter and have a catch up with no children about.  Jodie settled for the waffle after much deliberation, the ice-cream they have is really nice a bit like the MacDonald’s ice-cream.  Service is very good all young and really friendly.  I am looking forward to the summer and trying the sundaes again a lot of choice so think I may have to go a few times till I find the best one.





Half term has to include a lunch date so we decided to try somewhere different, I have read a lot of good reviews about this pub and I have to say they were all right as it is a lovely place for a drink or meal, also having a garden that is very popular in the summer.


Prices are very reasonable, with a great choice, there is a children’s menu but these two wanted fish and chips, which they both ate all up.  We didn’t try the desserts as too full but maybe next time.




As fast as the snow arrived it disappeared but not before Jade had a quick ride on Samson in it, did not appear to bother either of them but I am sure it must be more fun in the sunshine.


I acquired myself a record player and was very pleased to discover that it had a CD drive and a cassette deck, radio and aux plug, the sound is great and I am so pleased with it, even more so in that it only cost me £30 and they are selling new for £145 my bargain of the month I think.  I then spent all Saturday listening to all my old records, such good memories.  I love it when so many of the songs you can actually remember an event that happened at that time.  I don’t feel that happens now a days or am I just too old and nothing much happens any more?

I was 6 years old when that christmas song came out and I have never heard it play on TV or radio since then.  Typical teenager writing all over Donny Osmond cover for Puppy Love, you can not beat the original, then summer of my life; 14 and heartbroken.  Many more happy memories that last forever.  I am very cross with myself for chucking out all my old cassettes and I only did that about 6 months ago, gutted.

Mia and Zac came for dinner and Peaches was trying her very best to ignore them and go sleep and then hissed at me as if I was the one waking her up!   The children are all on half term for the week so I have a movie night planned with Jodie and a trip to London with Izzy.  I am not filling myself up too much as still get really tired and out of breath so a bit of reading and writing will be my lot for the week.  Have a great week what ever you are doing x