This story could of been half the length as was padded out with things we didn’t need to know and didn’t help the story at all. Saying that I thought the story was a good idea and it kept me turning the pages as I really wanted to know what happened in the car and when I did find out I was shocked as it was worse than I was expecting. I would like to read another book from this author to see if she has improved. There were also a few mistakes in the writing but like I said the story is good so it is worth reading. 


This was the first book of Natasha’s I have read and what a brilliant one. 

Even though you can guess what happens to the main character it is still a super read and I am looking forward to the next book in this series, not that I knew it was a series until I got to the end of the story but it’s good that it is carrying on as I am sure it will tie up a few ends. 

I read this in a day as it is easy reading and I really enjoyed it. 

It makes you think about how long you could be quiet for?  Then realising it has to be so traumatic for the person. 


I picked up these today from the WORKS as they worked out to £1.50 each with the discount I had so they were a bargain.  I have been waiting for ages to read the Alex Marwood one as it sounds so good also having great reviews so far.

I have not read any of Richard Madeley’s books yet so looking forward to that one.  Then The Missing, brilliant reviews so cannot wait to read that one.  Now I have the dilemma, which one do I read first?

So many great books about at the moment but just not enough time to read them all.


I have been waiting to read this and I am glad I had not got the opportunity to buy it, as now it has been re-published with loads more added to the story. 

It really was a just one more page type of book as you get so into it and you really cannot believe what is happening. The two main characters are normal down to earth people so you are forever wondering, why is this happening to them. 

I loved every bit of it and it keeps you guessing until the end which I love and I never even guessed the ending. A great read, recommended and a good xmas present for the book worm of the family. 



Three of my favourite things, lunch out at Follies with Izzy.


We never get tired of this place as it is so relaxing and friendly with the best pizzas that are huge, we have to share one so we each pick what we would like on our half.


The home-made chips and alioli are delicious like everything they serve here.  The bistro is doing so well also their place down on The Harbour Arm and now they are just about to open a new restaurant in Dover.

Desserts are tasty so you just have to finish of with one of them, no diet today.



Keep things very simple with no details when you are on-line, sounds easy but so many are falling into the trap of scams, some so simple that they just get your email address but even that can be annoying as you are inundated with scam emails trying to get you to sign up to something or saying that your account needs up-dating.

Lets keep this straightforward, you will NEVER  get an email from a bank, papal, eBay, social media site of any kind asking you to fill in or up-date your details, just delete; DO NOT EVEN READ.

The games on Facebook like find your fairy name, how old will you be when you die ALL these are rubbish and once you fill it in they have your email or Facebook information.  Be sensible about clicking on the links people share in Facebook, you can probably get through the day without reading it, lol.

Don’t fall for the win a luxury holiday, the reason you never see who has won is because there is NO competition.

You can look on this site and see the fakes.

Never put your full name in your email address, if you have then delete it and get another one.  Do not put your date of birth on anything.  Please do not fall into the trap that so many have, be smart and keep your own identity.  If you are not sure about something just delete.

Make sure your anti-virus software is up-to date and your firewall is on.

Computer running slow?  Empty the JUNK and TRASH email folders.  Remove programs you do not use anymore.  Delete TEMPORARY files.  Do a disk clean-up.  All these things will help.



I really liked this book as it was what I call an easy read, didn’t have to think too much but the story still kept you engrossed and page turning.  The characters of Jem and Ralph were very down to earth and could be related to and understood especially now with all the stresses of life in general and raising children.  You could feel their pain and confusion, I think Lisa Jewell portrays this really well in her writing; in fact all the emotions come out in this book which is why it keeps you turning those pages.  You often wonder where the story will end and you could predict a couple of outcomes which change through the book so again this keeps you reading.  Definitely a good book when you don’t want anything heavy or too taxing.