Published August 21, 2016 by Karen's World

Sundays are meant for coffee and cake.

I fed the family of cats.

Alfie went to his sisters for a sleepover.

Sundays are also meant for reading the paper and the magazines, I love those in the papers.  A nice glass of red and pasta for dinner.

It is now movie time to finish off a good day.  How was your Sunday?


Published August 20, 2016 by Karen's World

I am very pleased with my new look pink keyboard, it does take a bit of getting used to though as the keys feel different.  I will persevere for a bit of pink lol.

I have one very happy boy here as the shop have fixed his iPad so I won’t get any sense out of him today.  All the rest of the family have gone to V festival and are having the best time so that’s good.

Tonight it is going to be movie and munch, I think we are having just as much fun as the rest of them at V.  I wonder if I will see them in the highlights show later, I was surprised it’s not being shown live anywhere.

Tears in the Fence Flash Fiction Competition — ShortStops

Published August 20, 2016 by Karen's World

PRIZES First Prize of £200, Second Prize of £150 and Third Prize of £100. The winners and other highly commended entries will be published in issue 65. DEADLINE The competition will open on 1st October 2016 and close on 19th November 2016. Winning entrants will be announced on the Tears in the Fence website %5B…%5D

via Tears in the Fence Flash Fiction Competition — ShortStops


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How do you know you have taken a good photograph?  Is it just your own interpretation or do you find fault in all of them?  I delete more than I keep but that is just practise, I have tried to read books on taking the best photo but I find that really hard as I learn by watching.

I must admit that these photos I have picked here I do think they are good, that is just my opinion though but having put them on-line I could then pick fault with one of them.

I love the simple two colours here with the Lavender, it makes me feel like I can actually run my hand through this and smell the scent.

  I think the sea should be faded out and not so clear but a bit fuzzy but that is just my opinion as I am sure an expert would find fault with all my photos I use on my blog.

I like to use my own pictures as then there is no risk of copywriter which is a huge problem these days, so if you do a blog start taking any pictures as you never know when they will be useful.

This rose looks so intense and rich to me.

I like the textures here of the slate and brickwork, they work so well together.

Happy photography day everyone. x


Published August 18, 2016 by Karen's World

I have a nice park and large green by me so I took Mia and Zac there to run off a bit of energy, they loved it.

Also riding their scooters there and back, I love this green as it is split up into parts for different activities and there is a path going round the edge for walkers and riders.  I am surprised Mia did not fall off as she is forever looking and watching other children, very nosy lol.  It is hard to believe that we are half way through August already and before we can blink they will all be back at school.  I will miss Mia and our days together as she starts big school but she will be replaced with Zac once a week, where do the years go, they are all growing up so quickly.


George will be in 6th form so he has to wear suits everyday now, they look so smart and gets them used to wearing them for work which I think is a super idea and makes them take a pride in their appearance.

Jodie was extremely proud of her 3 eldest children all working at the weekend also a very proud Nan here, such good mannered caring children.  Well done Jodie, great parenting.

Billie was ecstatic watching her eldest Jade in the riding competition and again such a lovely person she is growing up to be as she is also superb with her two young siblings.  Not easy with such a big age gap but Billie manages to give them all what they need.

Sometimes it is hard being part of a big family and sharing your time as the older you get the harder it is to keep up with them not only in looking after them but all the things and gadgets they are into.  Alfie plays Minecraft, I find this so repetitive building things all the time but the younger generation love it and it is in the top 5 games.  Computers, iPads and smart phones are just a way of life now so get yourself trained to keep up with them, once you know the basics you will pick bits up by watching the children.

Happy holidays and treasure every minute. x



Published August 16, 2016 by Karen's World

Great family day out again, this time to Faversham and the huge pool complex. From indoor ones to outdoor, wave area, toddler pools in fact everything you could ask for and a nice grass area where you can sit and watch the kids.  

Zac took his trucks, Mia her horse called Snow flake plus air beds, arm bands, rings and balls. The boot of the two cars was full. 

The picnic was great as they kept coming back saying they was starving lol swimming always makes you hungry for some reason. 

They all had a great time and my friend Lynda popped along to see us and do a bit of sunbathing as the weather was super today.  

Got to make the most of it while the sun shines as it never lasts for long here in the UK. 


Published August 13, 2016 by Karen's World

It was Donkey Derby weekend with car boot sale and fun fair, what a choice but Zac liked the ride on the fire engine best.  All I got was some plants for the garden.

Took a ride on the bus which was a first time for Zac, he just sat there amazed lol.

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